Solar Panel Installation

The roof is the most commonplace for installing solar panels, as most roofs generally meet the desired specifications. Configuring a solar battery storage facility during the installation of your solar system can save you from worrying about lack of usable energy in cloudy weather; this can also reduce the cost of the solar battery storage system when the installation is taking place.

How to check for solar panel performance

To check how your solar system performs, you can use your computer or other devices to check the performance of your solar system. You can also check how much electricity you generate at different times and decide when it is appropriate to use your washing machine or other utilities. However, if you cannot, that’s not a big deal with us.

Depending on the complexity of your solar system, where you live, and the applicable rules and regulations, you may need to confirm the installation of your solar panel. Without certification, it can be problematic but you can take advantage of financial incentives.

The service we offer Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

With Wholesale Solar based on the Sunshine Coast, we offer the highest level of service and advice. We are proud to provide customer satisfaction. We only recommend Clean Energy Council approved products – at a wholesale price – installed by our Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers.

Generally, using a licensed expert to perform wiring and measurement is the best way to ensure safety and longevity. Connecting the solar system to the grid is no Child’s play and can cause serious injury or death. Only a certified installer has legal permission to do so. At the Sunshine Solar Installation, we have the certification required to install your solar system.

Advantages of our solar system installation team

At Wholesale Solar our highly skilled and qualified professionals would first assess your home. We will use technology such as the Solar Path to measure the amount of sunshine rays your home receives annually, which in turn detects the amount of energy it could produce. We will also use a special device to measure shade and sun access. “After collecting all the information, we would load it into a program that gives us a more accurate measure of energy savings and production. In a short time, we’ve resolved it for you


The facts are that,

  • We have the best solar products available.
  • We are generally known as the best and certified installers of the Clean Energy Council
  • We have fast response and installation time
  • We are all over Australia
  • We install commercial and residential solar systems.
  • We offer guaranteed customer service

Therefore, whether you need residential or commercial solar installation, we have certified installers ready for your installation. If you’re planing on installing solar for your home or business, contact us for a free quote , as we have qualified solar installers at our disposal for your  guaranteed  satisfaction. https://www.wholesale-solar.com.au