South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says if Labor is re-elected, it will boost the state’s Renewable Energy Target to 75 per cent by 2025.

South Australia’s current target is 50% by 2025, but the state is way ahead on achieving that goal – already starting to bump up against that level (48.9 per cent).

“Renewable energy means cheaper power for all South Australians,” said the Premier. “The world is now looking to South Australia, and we’re sending yet another signal to renewable energy leaders that their investment is welcome in our state.”

UPDATE: SA Labor has also announced an energy storage target of “25%” by 2025, with the aim of having 750MW of storage rolled out by that year.

The announcements follow a series in recent weeks on government supported/backed energy projects, including:

Premier Weatherill has previously stated this election would be a referendum on renewable energy in the state. Tapping into the popularity of renewables may be a wise move – a recent poll indicated the majority of South Australians are proud of the state’s wind and solar power achievements.

SA Labor’s energy policy document can be downloaded here (PDF). At the time of writing, it was yet to include the new 75% renewables commitment.

SA Liberals Will Abolish State Renewable Energy Target

On the issue of energy, the SA Liberals’ commitments include:

  • A $200 million interconnection fund.
  • A $100 million home storage subsidy scheme (avg. $2,500 per household for installing battery systems).
  • A $50 million grid scale storage fund.
  • A requirement for new renewable generators to bring forward energy storage.
  • $20 million for demand response and demand aggregation trials.

The party has also committed to abolishing the state-based renewable energy target in favour of a national policy mechanism (i.e., the NEG).

The “Liberal Energy Solution” can be downloaded here (PDF).

SA Greens – 100% Renewables By 2025

It won’t come as any surprise the SA Greens have big plans for renewables and fossil fuels. Their commitments include:

  • 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Opposing new coal or unconventional gas approvals or expansions in the state.
  • Installing solar panels and battery storage on all suitable tenanted public and community housing properties.
  • Boosting uptake of domestic and commercial roof-top solar and battery storage.
  • Investigating additional interconnection between SA and other states.
  • Ending direct and indirect subsidies to fossil fuel generator.

The SA Greens’ energy policy is here.

SA Best MIA On Energy

As for SA Best, it is yet to publish its energy policy, probably because Nick Xenophon has been busy making ads.

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.. not a solar panel, wind turbine or battery system in sight – and maybe that was a good thing.